MBNLP provides NLP training, coaching, and consultancy designed to have maximum impact with minimum effort and expenditure.

“I have never walked away from an event so full of creativity and totally compelled to put the material into practice.”
Michelle Loughney, Director at Fetch Ltd.

At MBNLP we are passionate about your individuality and excellence.

We offer a range of services to help you achieve your own excellence:


On our courses you will learn in such a way that your natural skills and talents are enhanced.


In our consultancy we create unique interventions for each unique situation so you get the results you want.


We offer High Performance Coaching for individuals who are already achieving good results but who want to make even more of their talents, abilities and skills.

We believe results are what matter, and it is results we focus on. Learn more about our services here.

About Michael Breen

“When you walk away at the end of one of Michael’s courses, you feel much wiser and more able to affect your business in a more positive, practical and profitable way.”
Gabrielle Gache, Director, Power of Words

MBNLP is headed by Michael Breen, who has a wealth of experience trainingĀ and facilitating at all levels of business. He is passionate about helping you to get more of the results you want.

He is well known for his work with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna revolutionising the design and delivery of NLP training in the UK.

His vast experience of applying the techniques of NLP to business have enabled him to develop a set of unique programmes designed to enable you to get the most out of your work life.