High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching from MBNLP allows people who are performing well to achieve and maintain excellence.

High performance Coaching can help you to understand your strengths, talents and sense of purpose in order to move towards greater competence and excellence in what you do. This form of coaching is for people who realize that there is always more that can be achieved and are interested in doing what it takes to get there.

HPC is founded on the belief that almost anything can happen within a session. It is based on the premise that extraordinary results can happen within a session that is non-directive and that works with the agenda of the client. HPC is excellent for anyone interested in having the space to work through their own problems towards more expansive possibilities.

HPC is for people who want to improve overall performance and create greater results. HPC is well suited for the business environment because managers tend to function as coaches anyway, even if its not part of there remit. HPC helps managers avoid getting stuck in instructor mode or in to the ‘do it the way I did it’ mode.