Our Methods

“Michael’s training will leave you energised and with a myriad of magical techniques applicable in any area of business.”
Bob Walder, Business Practitioner Delegate

At MBNLP we approach learning in a different way to most other training providers. We teach NLP in the way that it was created, it is taught experientially – you will learn by applying the material to your real life problems and issues. Michael will guide you through this, eliciting out what you have learned, providing a framework and context in which to place your discoveries. This is not like learning from a book, nor like attending a standard training course – you will continue to develop your competencies with the tools and strategies long after the final day of the course.

“There is little in the training market that gets close to the powerful courses run by MBNLP.”
Gavin Preston, MD – Qi Associates

We teach the art of creative and flexible thinking so that you have the skills and capacities to deal with the array of challenges in life. Participants will learn to adapt their ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to each unique situation and thus become more response-able. Our courses will improve a whole range of skills and aptitudes, extending your abilities to get the results you want. What you learn through MBNLP can save you a vast amount of time and trouble in your personal and professional life.