Michael Breen

Britain’s Foremost Business and NLP Trainer_new_profile_mb

Having cut his teeth in New York, Michael Breen moved to the UK in 1980 and in that time has trained over 17,000 people in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and business topics, co-founding and developing the world’s largest NLP training organisation. His company, MBNLP specialises in communication and behavioural skills training. Delegates leave with a measurable change in their skill set as opposed to merely articulating theories or being high on adrenalin.

Breen has worked for 14 years with CEOs from the Times Top 100 and Fortune 500 companies to front line telephone and sales functions. Areas have included improving leadership development, trouble shooting corporate strategy, facilitating senior team problems through to getting front line sales functions really singing. He has coached a well known singer and eliminated her stage fright, dealt with politicians’ habits and foibles (with some amusing anecdotes collected along the way!) and coached a senior executive over his fear of public speaking who before meeting Michael could only give a talk when drunk or sedated.

Michael Breen is an articulate, animated and captivating trainer, consultant and raconteur, with an extensive understanding of both the political and financial ramifications of business. Able to talk, muse and expand upon subjects in his own erudite and humorous style, he has an ability to look at situations from a variety of thought provoking and unusual perspectives.

Breen is in demand as a trainer, coach, consultant and mentor. In his work with individuals and organisations, he focuses specifically and emphatically on getting the diagnosis right before suggesting a solution. He believes that too many business specialists shoe horn clients into pre?ordained business solutions. With his broad knowledge and experience, from a persuasion and communication point of view, Michael is able to talk and expand upon a variety of issues that are pertinent to the corporate market today, as well as those current issues that face us personally.