Business Academy

The MBNLP Business Academy is an opportunity to work closely with Michael Breen on your own personal goals and objectives.

“Michael has an ability to put a point across in such a way that it appears to be the most obvious way of thinking and being. His observations of the business world back up everything that he says.”
Gabrielle Gache, Director – Power of Words

A Brief History of The Academy

Michael started the MBNLP Business Academy in response to the repeated requests of course delegates and corporate clients for personal mentoring programmes, one-to-one tuition and opportunities for deeper learning.

As well as working one-on-one with Michael on there personal goals and objectives, Academy members may attend all MBNLP trainings as well as being invited to special academy events.

Download Michael’s Introduction to the Academy (pdf)

The Academy in Detail

At the start of the year you will meet with Michael to set out what you want to acheive, discuss where you are now and also give him some idea of your background. From there you will make progress through a number of domains of action, including:

  • Project meetings with Michael 
    These make up the core of your Academy programme. These are task focused one-on-one meetings with Michael; you will work solely on your personal agenda. Project meetings will be both pre-arranged according to an agreed timetable and Ad-Hoc as required.
  • Trouble Shooting
    You will also have access to Michael’s personal telephone number and email address and will be encouraged to contact him with any problems or issues you encounter while pursuing your Academy objectives.
  • MBNLP Trainings
    In addition to working on your personal objectives you will be invited to attend all MBNLP trainings held within your academy year. You decide whether to attend all, some, or none of the trainings.
  • Field Trips and Special Events
    From time to time you will be invited to join Michael and the rest of the Academy for a Field Trip or other Special Academy Event.

The Academy has been used with great success for a wide variety of topics, including helping directors of start up companies get clear and focused thinking around how they want their business to develop, helping individuals to change career paths or break into new areas of business, and guiding clients toward mastery of the tools of NLP.

If you are serious about achieving your goals click here for information on applying to the Academy.