One-to-Ones with Michael

In the last seven years, triggered by overseas professionals who weren’t able to set aside enough time to attend long trainings in the UK, Michael has been successfully running a form of long distance one-to-one coaching, consultancy and tutorial programmes.

Enter 2020 when the world seemed to be turned upside down and Zoom became the most common way of delivering online training, coaching and mentoring. This is how Michael currently supports his clients: helping them to identify and achieve their specific personal and professional goals; providing training and guidance while sharing his immense wealth of personal and professional experience along with his 360º knowledge. All of this is fuelled by his limitless quest to discover, adapt and pass on practical wisdom which will be of most benefit.

The programmes are for 3, 6 or 12 months, usually via Zoom from Michael’s fabulous recording booth here in London to wherever you are.

The programme is created with you.. designed according to your wants, needs, and the direction you want to head in. Typically clients prefer a weekly Zoom call but we will work to accommodate whatever works best for you.

In between formal sessions, you will have Michael’s email address (the one he actually looks at) and, if something arises needing immediate attention, you will also have Michael’s private mobile number. He will be there, since you and his corporate retainer clients receive his swiftest attention.

Whether you call it coaching, mentoring, tutorial, or consultancy; Michael is here and he can be of extensive benefit to you.

Click here to enquire about pricing and start the application process.

p.s. From April 2022 Michael will have ONE space available for this programme.