Coach Right Redux

16th – 17th October 2017

In Latin, redux, from the verb reducere, meaning “to lead back”, can mean “brought back” or “bringing back.” Yes, we are bringing back Coach Right by request, evolved and improved, even better than before.

Before we leave the word Redux, though – the ancient Romans also used the word Redux attached to the Goddess Fortuna (Redux) – making her “the one who brings another safely home” (following adventures). This really appealed to us as Coach Right is how you assist others in returning to home port safely and happily and successfully.

Coach Right, shows you how to coach through the actual functions of coaching – not the ideas, styles or theories of coaching – but through what is happening when coaching is working well.

Coach Right has a model for skills acquisition and client application – you don’t just do what you’re told and hope; instead you know what you are aiming for and what to do.

In this workshop you will learn the foundations of Coach Right, and how to get it right from the start, and no matter what theory or style you’ll wrap around it – your clients WILL get results.

The early prototypes and research for the model evolved from proprietary models we made for corporations and institutions, incorporating their unique philosophies, needs and methods into unified models for their internal use. But the spine of those prototypes came from the practical and function-based philosophy that became Coach Right.

A notable result we’ve seen through the years teaching Coach Right, is that Coach Right users “start strong” in achieving results with clients, and then they are able to modify what they learned to create their own styles. This is possible because the model teaches you to concentrate on functions in pursuit of specific objectives, rather than theories or a grab-bag of techniques. It’s much easier to modify a model when you know what you are seeking and what you are doing.

Whether you’re a volunteer coach, want to start up your own coaching practice, are in business as a coach but are having trouble building momentum, or you’re a coach internally in your company, Coach Right will give you the start you need. We’ve also been surprised by how often a teacher, or a manager, or a sales representative (in other words, “non-coaches”) have joined us and then reported back about how much use they got from the workshop. So… although we think and concentrate on “coaches”; it seems a useful thing for many different professions and interests.

In this 2 day masterclass; you will learn:

  • Coaching Right requires that you know what to do and when to do it. You will learn a simple and effective coaching model that will get you started fast.
  • You will learn what NOT to do. It may be a surprise but some people who are certified as coaches have been taught principles that simply do not belong in coaching and get in the way of their clients getting results.
  • Principles of Ethical Practice.
  • ”The Swiss Army Knife” of change techniques.
  • All important beginnings and endings.
  • The business of the business of coaching: what coaching business is really all about. Get the facts before jumping in.
  • And a lot more…

Amnesty International Conference Room
17-25 New Inn Yard

Early Bird Fee until Saturday 30th September = £240 + VAT = £288
Full Price £280 + VAT = £336

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