First Things First: Getting the pieces in the right order – the savvy, and high proficiency way

17th – 18th November 2017

Whether you are a coach, consultant, or someone who wants to use NLP for yourself; the question is never ‘Which technique do I use?” or “When do I start doing stuff to them” or “How do I phrase this?” Instead, there are foundation principles, design rules of thumb, and process milestones that, if used consistently, deliver superior results. And they are always present in effective work and yet are rarely taught – they require the integration of basic skills and proficiency in application of the tool set.

Your NLP toolkit is the beginning, and through the application of a range of attitude adjustments (that’s yours rather than a client’s), modification of practitioner goals (you do have session goals, right?), and then weaving the right rules of thumb and “expert” nuances (the ones that create more elegant work – fewer steps; better results); you get to happier conclusions, more swiftly, by getting the elements and components, the bits and pieces, in the right order.

For example, the first intervention, so to speak, beyond finding a workable, soluble frame of reference with a client, is moving from “not possible” to “doable”. If a person could already think and feel in the ‘realm of doable’; they wouldn’t have a problem. They would merely have arrangements to make and logistics to work out. “The problem” for some is that they’ve wedged themselves into a confusion of contradicting not-possibles. Some then collect the evidence that they are completely correct and there is no doable possible – as if God, or the Universe, or some “unconscious” thing, or external circumstance actively conspires to leave them in a place of suffering and unhappiness. It’s a tough place for someone to be.

The “intervention” takes place while you are discussing what they want (and not as a special technique). And it’s getting those types of things in the right order, at the right time, so they have maximal effect, that this workshop is about.

Amnesty International Conference Room
17-25 New Inn Yard

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