Getting On-Board NLP

5th – 6th October 2019

If you want a good start on your NLP learning journey; join us.
If you want to start getting results with your NLP studies; join us.
If you want to fill in some of the holes in your NLP bucket; join us

The Primary Culprit

It’s become clear that too much NLP information on-line, and even a good deal of what passes for live training events in NLP are not serving people who are just beginning their NLP studies, or who are attempting to self-teach NLP from the web or books. We are also seeing an increase in the number of people approaching who have some sort of NLP certification that didn’t seem to come with skills attached.

There are many reasons for this but one of the primary culprits is that skillsets are built in a sequence – there is an order to certain things – and if that order is missing or faulty; confusion and failure WILL follow.

It’s Like Cake

It’s like this: If you want to make a cake, then certain ingredients will be necessary. The choice of ingredients depends on the type of cake you want to make, and which recipe you choose. Then you have to have the right tools available and they have to be in good working order. After that… you do what you fancy, anything goes, right? No. Of course not. If your oven temperature control is out of whack (not calibrated properly); you’re going to have a hard time getting a good result, etc., etc. Even if you buy a simple, box cake mix from the supermarket… there are still things to add at the right time, and an order to follow… and then there’s the “secret” additional ingredients not listed on the packet that you can add to make it taste amazing.

Guess what? A large volume of what is out there as NLP (including live trainings) is missing the key ingredients or factors – with confusion and challenges as a result.

Come along!

Okay. Here’s what we’re doing to start you off in a better direction.

If you’re new to NLP, or self-teaching, or missing pieces from your NLP puzzle – spend two days in October with Michael Breen and discover:

  • Beginning to use NLP with yourself – starting from “First Things First”. Too many people try jumping in at the deep end and then flounder. No more.
  • “Real life” lessons that can be used to learn and apply NLP to your own situation and desires to change.
  • Operating principles of NLP connected through practice and examples
  • Selected key basic techniques and basic models, put into a form for you to practice and then master
  • Addressing issues and challenges. There are some fairly universal situations, conditions, problems and challenges – questions of goals and motivation, making decisions, handling uncertainty, the range of moods and emotions we play through or suffer as humans – although we can’t resolve all problems in two days; you will make a start in learning tools and approaches for creating a smoother, more enjoyable existence.
  • Exercises for you to work with post workshop.

Those who know Michael’s work, and the breadth and depth of his experience, already know that this will be no average, general NLP intro. His tools and application of NLP are unlike any other. You’ll get more in two days with him than spending weeks with most others.

This will be a small group programme so will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify issues.

Please… join us.

Amnesty International Conference Room
17-25 New Inn Yard

£240 + VAT = £288

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