The Art and Skill of Intervening

One of the most common questions students who have been around awhile ask is “How do I know what to do with the client?”, and “… then what do I do?”

Learning to use some of the newest (but also oldest and most venerable) tools we have to choose or design interventions for specific clients is one of the key areas of people-helping “nous” that we all have to develop and refine… and it is a lifetime’s endeavour.

In this Masterclass with Michael Breen, you will engage:

  • Recognising client patterns and determining critical features.
  • Intervention Framing for success – How to make sure the client’s Frame of Reference is “solvable”… as well as you own.
  • Using meta patterns for creating interventions.
  • Types of intervention patterns and how to utilise them effectively.
  • A little Systems wisdom that goes a long way in creating interventions.
  • Patterns of change and non-change – the role of stabilising feedback in maintaining habits, and creating new behaviours.
  • The often overlooked creative key to intervention design and patterning: Task Decomposition.
  • Differentiating Behavioural Pattern Interventions and Cognitive Intervention Patterns for more effective utilisation (“Masters”-level intervention planning).
  • How to better target of the scope of your interventions – too much is as bad as too little.
  • “How will I know if it worked?” – testing and planning for modifications. Building testing into your interventions to enhance success.
  • Do you actually know what you have in your “interventions tool bag” already? The magic of discovering new and additional uses for what you already have.
  • Creating your own development plan for extending your skill and ability undersigning and creating client interventions.

And much more.

It’s a rare occasion that Michael will publicly teach an advanced “craft” topic like this one. We hope you will join us.

When: 1st and 2nd July 2019

Where: The Conference Room @ Amnesty International
25 New Inn Yard, Hackney, London EC2A 3EA

How much:
£260 + VAT = £312

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