The Foundations of The MBNLP Business Practitioner Program

Tips, techniques, and observations on problem solving from one of the worlds finest NLP trainers.

What’s On The CD?

On this CD Michael sets out some of the novel ways of thinking and ways of doing that underpin his application of NLP in Business. These approaches were drawn both from Michael’s extensive work with Richard Bandler, as well as his vast experience as a top consultant, solving organisational problems at all levels of Business.

“Michael has a wonderful and refreshing ability to break down complex issues and concepts into easily understandable chunks.”
Gavin Preston, Managing Director – Qi Associates

Foundations of the Business Practitioner – £15.99

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Michael will challenge you through various exercises and anecdotes to take a look at the way you view and interact with the world – especially the way you attempt to solve problems, the way you interact with others and the way you learn and develop.

This CD is an interesting and informative introduction to the Principles upon which our Business Practitioner Programme is based.

Track Listing

  1. This Process is Different
  2. Think Differently about Solutions
  3. Time Out 1 – Why on Earth?
  4. The Map is not the Territory
  5. The Smallest Intervention
  6. Time Out 2 – How do you Know?
  7. Beyond Names & Jargon
  8. Who you Are
  9. Time Out 3 – Testing your Assumptions
  10. Applying the Meta Model
  11. Making your Problem Soluble
  12. Time Out 4 – Look into the Future
  13. Being Response-able
  14. Time Out 5 – The Exception that Tests the Rule
  15. Learning to Learn
  16. Connecting Strategies to Outputs
  17. Time Out 6 – Motivation
  18. State, Structure, Content
  19. Spontaneous Credibility
  20. Time Out 7 – What is Missing?
  21. Learning Styles
  22. Understanding is the End.