MBNLP Business Master Practitioner Training

The MBNLP Business Master Practitioner has been re-worked to keep it absolutely up to date with developments in the NLP and business worlds as well as Michael’s own understandings.

This course is designed around three modules. Each module will be supported by a teleclass, some other supportive materials such as pdf/mp3’s, and includes three modules of three days where you will come with other participants to practise and try out your new tools and concepts.

This course is designed to take you further into the realm of NLP using a goal or project designated by yourself as the way in. The course will build upon whatever Practitioner training you have had; refine your use of the tools of NLP; help you go deeper into the logical structures of the meta model; and show you powerful and elegant ways of applying you understandings.

You will advance your skills in working with intricate organisational patterns and have the opportunity to experiment with new processes not taught anywhere else.

Practitioner level certification is a pre-requisite.

Course Cost: £1,860 + VAT (£2,232.50 inc.)

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