MBNLP Business Practitioner Training

The MBNLP Business Practitioner course contains NLP application developed by Michael specifically for his work in the Business world. You will gain a comprehensive NLP toolkit that goes beyond the usual practitioner syllabus

“Michael Breen’s work is innovative, skilful and up to date. His training is first class.”
Richard Bandler, Creator of NLP

Michael’s work will force you to confront then break down your perceived limitations; greatly enhancing your ability to respond to the wide variety of challenges that arise in business.

This course will sharpen up your cognitive abilities, allowing you to think more clearly, creatively and calmly under pressure. You will also gain a comprehensive toolkit giving you a broader spectrum of options for problem solving, managing and leading. It introduces “Systems Thinking” – knowing where and when to apply resources to get the maximum result for the mimmim cost and effort, and just as importantly identify areas where resources are being wasted.

“You must attend Michael’s Business Practitioner of NLP Course. There is nothing else like it anywhere in the NLP world.”
Paul McKenna

Our Business Practitioner course will teach you how to listen to people in a new and powerful way, and reveal how to “decode” what they are saying. You will explore the “Meta Model”, one of the original developments in NLP, a logical framework for quickly and elegantly changing someone’s thinking – greatly improving productivity, motivation and results.

We believe this course will give you a tool set not available elsewhere, and that will save you a vast amount of time and trouble in your work and personal life.

Course cost: £1,700 + VAT (£2,040 inc.)

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