Satisfaction Requires Adequate Planning

There is one sure way that you get to enjoy the richness of life (and it’s guaranteed as well!). Whether you have “what you want”, or you suffer from lack of this and that; being satisfied (and that means deeply content) with life… requires preparation and planning… it can’t be put any simpler or more squarely than that.

After decades of witnessing and helping clients from all walks of life, I’ve noticed that relative levels of satisfaction and contentment are not functions of money, or station in life, or number of problems, “challenges”, or “issues” that any particular person has to deal with. There are miserable, wealthy plutocrats and there are deeply contented people who seem to have nothing but hardships… and every gradation in between.

The people who are really satisfied – deep down and unshakeably so – are those who make a decision. And that decision relates to how they handle what life brings, what they choose to create, and then how they make the practical arrangements that ensure that they extract/distill/find/create (you can call it what you want) enjoyment, pleasure, value, well-being within (and sometimes even despite) what seems to be arising.

Life certainly seems to suck at times, and some people have an over-abundance of hardships – we’re not talking about panaceas or extreme cases or magical thinking. What we are talking about is that those people who choose to create as much enjoyment and take as much soul-nourishment within their lives as they can, do things differently from other folks.

That’s what this workshop is about. A more creative and satisfying experience of life, and contentment beyond what you’ve previously enjoyed is possible. There are just some trades you need to make (certain attitudes just have to go), and changes in how you do certain things that lead to rapid and enjoyable changes in your levels of satisfaction.

In this 2 day workshop you will learn:

  • “Uninstalling” the cultural programme that guarantees dissatisfaction with your life.
  • How to align your desires with your intentions and actions for radical enjoyment.
  • Learning to “up the ante” – raising the standard on what you are willing to put in, and what you take out from existence.
  • Targeting and prioritizing what is better and more satisfying and making it happen.
  • Habit hacks, and mind hacks for creating more gratifying experiences in your life to savour with relish.
  • And a lot more…

Please join us for this experience in finding deep refreshment within your own life.

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