Self Coaching

Doing for yourself, as well or better, than you would do for others.

In these confused and fractious times, to get somewhere better, you have two choices.

1. You follow someone else’s lead.

You look on the internet for a guru, (or a tip sharer, or a short-duration personal savior or whatever), you read somebody’s book, you watch TV, or you get a coach. Basically you make someone else take the place of your mind in the hope of changing.

But the problem is that the more you try to make someone else responsible for you and where you’re going… it’s the opposite of ‘freedom’, the opposite of ‘power’, and the opposite of ‘realization’. Whether you wanted it or not; you end up being “programmed” with someone else’s agenda and a questionable result.

2. You coach yourself.

Some people are excellent at change and getting results. Their strategies are pukka and they can depend on themselves to go for what’s in front of them. They have developed the ability to be self-reliant, meaning able to rely on yourself… to trust yourself, to be able to self-assess and self-correct without neurotic weirdness, etc. It’s a skill, and a key one, in being able to “learn how to learn”, how to adapt and change as situations arise, how to develop and grow without requiring constant hand-holding.

Other people… well… let’s call it a mixed bag – some of the following, a bit of what came before, and selection of the rest. They can do a bit of this, and some of that, but there’s always a reason why they aren’t as far along in life as they want to be, and “there’s not enough time… I’m too busy… I’m not confident enough…”. They can’t acknowledge results, good or bad, as arising directly from specific choices they make; they don’t shift strategies flexibly (falling back on avoidance, denial, blame-shifting or faux-work are clear signs of strategy failure); they part-complete a lot of little things, but leave large goals incomplete; They sometimes know “what” to do, but somehow manage to not… do that.

Bottom-line: Both types of people are enjoying or suffering the results of their own self-coaching.

Yup… you are self-coaching, for better or worse right now.

Know that nagging or nasty voice inside your head? The one that’s always ragging one you for what you’re doing or not doing? That voice that snipes at you from the back of your head? That’s you. That’s how you try to coach yourself into better, more effective behavior.

Does it work? Hell, no.

Does it hurt you? Hell yes.

Time to put a stop to all of that and learn to coach yourself properly.

In this 3 day workshop you’ll learn:

  • Meeting and acquainting yourself with “the robot” and its wily ways – the whom or what that maintains your current system of results.
  • Identifying the attitudes and mindset that keeps you returning to what doesn’t work, over and over.
  • Coaching Self strategies for making the transition from suppressing success to enabling success.
  • Breaking the nasty-nasty habits of poor self-coaching.
  • The key simple action you are not doing consistently that buggers up everything else.
  • De-bugging the “stupid-crazy” part of your mental and cultural programming that literally forces you to “act dumb” when you are not.
  • Self-Coaching tactics for recalcitrant, and slippery self-clients.
  • “Everything has its price”: how to pay less for your “sins” while gaining more – to be extremely lazy AND successful, you must understand “the payment plan”.
  • For those who help or coach others, you will learn about how to snip non-compliance and self-sabotage in your clients in the bud.
  • How to develop your self-coaching practice.

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