Task Decomposition

Turning Wishes, Dreams, and Ideas into Reality.

Great achievers ARE different. It’s not in the genes, or the education. It’s in the skill sets.

The goal-getters, and those who are greatest at facilitating great achievement in others, share one thing in common. They know how to take a vision or dream and break it down into workable actions. They know more about ‘what to do’ than the average person, and they really know how activity is structured but they come into their own when what is needed… is unknown. They are the masters of resource assessment and acquisition and, they know how to use them.

There are technical names for these skills by the way. The key skill is called Task Decomposition. We all have some ability with this but, in reality, most people are not as capable as they think with Task Decomposition – especially when having to structure situations with lots of unknowns, undecideds and never-experienced-befores.

Inadequate or poor Task Decomposition is one of the critical factors causing goal failure, and for coaches, mentors or managers one of the primary causes for clients to fail in what they are seeking.

One might expect every coach or people helper to excel in this skill but sadly most coaches and mentors today are not highly skilled in this but, then again, why should they be? This sort of training has previously only been available in post graduate professional programmes.

Who this programme is for: Anyone who wants to “get a better grip” of their own goal achieving process; or anyone who helps others get what they want.

What you will learn:

• Task Decomposition – what it is, where to use it and how to know you’re done,

• Key questions for rapid assessment and diagnosis of plans for Task Decomposition

• Develop skill in contingency thinking and causal reasoning

• The role of “monkey mind” and “champion’s mind” in the performance process

• How to train your mind to easily do the things that are worth doing.

• Gonzo Planning Process – from “all over the place”, dazed and confused to taking steps and making progress… in minutes

• How to organise your own internal resources to develop resilience and self-reliance, as well a unbreakable focus

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