The MBNLP Glastonbury Retreat 2020

PROBLEM: “Too damned stressed and worried. Life not perfect. Problems are sticky and hard to resolve. Solutions are hard to come by. Going mad. Out of balance. Overtired and emotional. Stressed out about stress. Can’t see an end to it.”

WANT: “I just want a break from it. I just want some loveliness. I want space to breathe. I want green and lots of it. I want to unwind. I want to have some fun and maybe learn while doing it.”

The Glastonbury Retreat is one of the highlights of the MBNLP calendar for a very good reason. At no other place or time can one invest such a small amount of time and money and feel such a powerful sense of restoration.

The group is small, which means it’s your time with Michael to let go of stress and re-create yourself.

“The most relaxing lesson in body and mind that I’ve experienced. This is Michael in chill-out-mode, showing you how to solve unfinished business with your eyes closed, literally. Five stars!”
Laurence Lord, Creative Developer

This retreat is designed with three purposes or intentions in mind:

  • To create an occasion and context for the swiftest and deepest release of stress possible. Not just a little feeling of relaxation, but a deep discharge of the stress and tension accumulated in adapting to life today. We use some methods that you probably haven’t heard of before; as you know Michael keeps a close eye on things that have been left to one side or lost. In the head over heels search for new methods what tends to happen is that methods, ideas and techniques that showed promise but required some skill and ability to work with, tend to be brushed aside when “the new pill” is created. Michael collects the sort of things that worked, that got results, but were put to one side – Michael picks them up, refines them and then offers them to you. We have some energy practices, meditation methods, and subtle awareness processes which, when put together, allow you to get rid of vast amounts of stress in a very short period of time;
  • To respond to questions from students about some of the processes and influences which informed Michael’s path that he usually doesn’t talk about or share during public trainings;
  • For participants to gain a renewed sense of presence, strength and stability – the ability to stand exactly as you are, without having to change anything.

We hold the retreat in Glastonbury as it is the nexus for all levels of the British mythological consciousness. On the middle evening of the retreat we have secured access to the gardens of Chalice Well for a truly magical evening.

Dates: 4th – 6th August 2020
Price: £675 + VAT = £810

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For venue information visit Chalice Well Garden.

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