Training Mastery: Design & Facilitation

For the things they don’t teach you in trainer’s trainings…

Delivering your learning content well – whether in a 40 minute session, a half day or full day’s training or multiple day modular training – requires skills and strategies beyond what you have learned as a practitioner. As always, it starts with your state but then what? How do you design and deliver a programme that is not only entertaining and interesting, but also provokes lasting change and profound learnings?

This course draws on NLP techniques and understanding not just to help you to get the job done, but to help you get it done well in your own unique way.

Training Mastery is one major skill set that you need to sharpen and refine.

In this masterclass; you will learn:

  • Different ways to design a course; the use of oblique strategies; different maps, models and strategies of teaching and facilitation; different styles for different outputs.
  • How learning happens.
  • How your choice of teaching method depends on what specifically you want trainees to be able to do.
  • How to induce or provoke key learning states like curiosity, fascination, and desire to implement.
  • Gaining and holding attention over long spans of time.
  • Spontaneous (“natural”) learning processes vs. artificial designs.
  • How to get people to remember and, just as importantly, what to get them to forget.
  • Teaching states.
  • How to convert your knowledge into teachable material.
  • Different design methods for different situations.
  • How to create exercises and drills.
  • How and when to accelerate learning processes (and when to slow down).
  • Working with group dynamics.
  • How to ensure the learning process continues after the programme is complete.
  • Upgrading your story-telling and CP (Charisma Potential).
  • And a lot more…

This workshop will take you to the edge of what you thought possible in your creative thinking and doing. It is open to anyone who has completed an NLP Practitioner Training. You must have a basic understanding and familiarity in working with NLP methodologies.

And from the “But Wait! There’s More!!!” Department: Michael will be holding two follow up teleconferences exclusive to participants on this Training Mastery course to answer your questions and refine your strategies for implementing what you have learned in Training Mastery. Three days of superb instruction from one of the leading Master Trainers of NLP and two follow-up calls to answer all of your questions… and Michael has agreed to add in supplementary written answers to questions, which he usually only does for his MBNLP Business Master Practitioners (past trainees have said that the follow-on notes were invaluable).

The cost is £664.17 plus VAT = £797.00

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