Using Hypnotic Language Like a Ninja

I get a few emails each month about how to become a ‘super language ninja’ using the Meta Model, Milton Model, presuppositions, priming, Sleight of Mouth patterns, etc. I always point them to the tools and the sequence of learning… but, for some, it seems this is not what is desired. So asking the magic question: ‘What do you really want?’ generated the following responses:

“I want to be super smooth in how I use language patterns with clients”

“It would be great to do cool ordinary-language covert change stuff”

“I want to be the queen of presuppositions for change

“How do I use NLP language on myself?”

and my recent favourite:

“I really want to be a ninja with language patterns

I loved some of the connotations of a ninja – silent, disciplined, resourceful, invisible, focused, etc. The violent bits of ninja I don’t like so much…

But in an exchange with “ninja guy”; there were enough realistic and useful things he wanted to learn that would also benefit others, I decided to offer this workshop.

There are several common causes for people not being as silky smooth, effective and “ninja-like” in their use of language for change. Of course, not enough practice applying the tools is a strong and common issue but there’s a deeper issue, which many people hit a wall with that will prevent them from ever doing anything more than reading scripts and hoping for the best: If you don’t know what change you want to presuppose, or don’t know what process a person would need to use in order to make the change; you have nothing to presuppose or ninja-poke or conversational change with.

You need a variety of the structures and strategies for how people change, and commonly required resources that people are often missing, and some of the common higher level Framing Tool structures behind behaviours if you want to create great and effective ninja-style, conversational change.

So we’re going to work through some of the key elements and structures – the skeleton of ninja suggestions if you like – so you will have some idea of what to presuppose and how to fit it together so it flooooooows naturally, conversationally, and easily (ease depends on practice but its not complicated or hard).

You’ll need to have had some exposure to NLP and language patterns previously – you don’t have to be a master already but it would be a good idea to know a bit about NLP communications, some techniques, etc.

This will be good for anyone who communicates with others and wants to use their NLP skills to greater effect (without being a jerk or an idiot with it); anyone who is on the NLP Kung Fu path of mastery and wants the eternal MOAR; or if you’re looking for boost.

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