Writing to Grow

One of the most easily accessible tools you have for personal development, problem solving, creating more satisfying experiences, thinking, creating change, or just plain feeling better is the humble pen or pencil, and a piece of paper.

Learning to use some of the oldest and most venerable tools we have to access the wealth of your deeper mind, its wisdom and creativity can help make bad days into better days; good days into great; and even help enrich the great days to become so much more satisfying and nourishing.

Beyond blogging or keeping a journal (writing to an end), the act of writing and the means you choose to do so can powerfully harness your non-conscious knowings and awareness, free your creative abilities, and leapfrog over blocks and “issues” to get into the creative space that makes whatever you are doing or working on easier… and even more enjoyable.

When you want to “get outside of the box” – the box you got into at some point, for some reason, which probably seemed to make sense at the time – the right kind of writing is one of the quickest, most reliable, and non-brain destroying means to do so.

‘Writing To Grow’ will show you new ways to use pen and paper (and that marvelous brain of yours, of course… and the other bits as well) to:

  • Become better able to articulate your experience, emotions, or ideas – less fear and hesitation; more fluency.
  • Work with the sub-modalities (qualities) of the act of writing itself to generate creative breakthroughs.
  • Three forms of “self-interview” for personal change, creativity and problem solving
  • Techniques for creating: emotional resolution, enriched and gritty future visioning (it’s where the motivation, and desire… and also the fear come from), finding more creative and innovative ideas, and more.
  • A range of supportive tools for making your writing more satisfying and effective.
  • Using writing to be a better friend or self-coach to yourself; and using writing as a technique for helping others.

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